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I was born in Chile, but I spent my childhood in Berlin. I was a political refugee and lived in exile until I returned to live in Chile with my family.

I studied design in Santiago, Chile, during my last year as a student I started taking jewellery-making classes at a studio located in downtown Santiago (2003).

At the beginning of my professional life, I was an author and an illustrator of children´s books, (I wrote and illustrated “Elicura en el Valle Encantado”, published by Arrayan and MN), I was also making jewellery.

With time, I became more experimental when making jewellery, it was then when I realized that it was my medium because I would feel free when creating. I take great pleasure in the creative process. Jewellery making allows me to express myself, I am able to communicate emotions and reflections about life translating them into a piece.

In 2006 I moved to Toronto and opened my first studio, I have been designing and creating jewellery since then. I continued studies in jewellery at George Brown College in Toronto while working as an apprentice at Arcane Gallery.

In 2015 I returned to Santiago and relocated my studio. Since 2016 I have been the director and the founder of El Tallercito, where I enjoy teaching jewellery-making classes.

My jewellery has been exhibited and sold in Chile, Argentina, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Italy, France and Spain.

My work has evolved to be more spontaneous. I compose a piece intuitively, after many years of making jewellery, I have learned to trust my intuition. Using both experimentation and intuition, I integrate technique and design. One is the exploration of the material and its innate limitations, the other is the content of my ideas.

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